Life can be difficult. Sometimes we feel overwhelmed by our emotions. Sadness, depression, anxiety or anger can interfere with our enjoyment of life and keep us stuck. Our inability to tolerate these feelings can lead to avoidant patterns or behaviours which threaten to take over our lives. Emotional eating, alcohol, drugs, computer games, shopping and chronic surfing can all be attempts to numb out in order not to feel. Sometimes we establish a pattern of unhealthy relationships and can't understand how we have ended up there, once again.

Psychotherapy can empower you to realize that change is possible and help you to make the first step in a new direction.

I see clients Monday to Friday in my Mississauga office located in the Port Credit Therapy Centre. Get in touch to schedule a free 30-minute in-person consultation session.

I also provide supervision.

*LGBTQ2+ positive
*OSRP member

Psychotherapy and Counselling in Mississauga -   416-294-9472

Port Credit Therapy Centre

Working with anxiety, depression, couples counselling, anger management, trauma, low self-esteem, recovering from toxic relationships.



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